We, Japanese, are normal democrat

Just relax. Nothing will happen to you. Give a handshake and a big smile.  

You may already have read or heard about a full of Japanese business rules, customs, etiquettes and traditions. You may have thought, "oh, my god! How can I manage them?". Don't worry. You took note. That's enough. 


Weird Westerner

Honestly speaking I feel embarrassed when a Westerner holds out his business card with both hands by making a polite bow. I guess there must be only a handful Westerners, who need to master such Japanese customs or who will be treated as non-qualified to do business in Japan.
Am I wrong? Can anybody give me a tip?

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Japan cosmopolis?

Everything looks same, you must think, on arrival on Japanese airport. But do you know that you must remove your shoes in almost all of private houses? When you realize that something is different, just ask anybody. Just Frequently Ask Questions.

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Find your favourite in Japan and enjoy

In foreign countries there are always something exotics which suit your sense and values. You may make your own secret discovery in Japan .... hopefully make your life a little change and happier.

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An American woman I happend to know came over to Japan with the intention to stay for a year and settled down since then. Now over 50 years.



Communication is not a easy task. The difficulty in communication with Japanese people is big as with European people. 
So, please don't forget that, in a way, it is difficult to understand with Japanese mutually for us Japanese too. 

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I am your Japan-Service if you forgot

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As you may know, almost all Operation Systems for PC developed by Japanese died out.
Steve Jobs never made marketing by himself in Japan, but Bill Gates did.
Bill Gates worked hard to convince his OS in Japan where Japan-made computer systems are already established.
He by himself, only with one Japanese partner.